There are those who love to go to somewhere new and dive into the culture with no plan. They will simply rent a place nearby or visit some small town in Europe and spend their days exploring. And then there are others who need to have all of the major parts of their trip worked out before they head to the airport if they are really going to relax on the trip. No matter what sort of traveler you might be, there is a guidebook available online that could help you put together the best possible vacation.

The first type of travel books that you will generally find is those that give you all of the important stats about attractions, hotels, and restaurants in the country or region that you're visiting. If you want to know what is available in terms of a cottage for rent or what you can see when visiting Egypt, than you might want to pick up a guide like Frommer's or Fodor's. One of the best things about having one of these books in online form is that you can download them on a more portable device, like your ipod or phone.

No matter where in the world you're going, there are all sorts of different vacation experiences that you could have. Some people are looking for a fun budget trip where they will stay in hostels and eat as cheaply as possible, while others want that luxury retreat with spa services or limos taking them to the airport. There are books that can provide you with tips and advice according to the type of vacation experience that you're interested in having. Some are going to be for the thrill seeker and others for those who want a green locale.

Some travel books are just about one person's journey through a country or continent. These are not going to give you the general tips on every attraction in that area, but you will get a more intimate look at what it's like to stay in a B & B or to cycle through all of the country of Ireland. If you're looking for any sort of travel guide than you should make sure you understand whom that guide was intended to serve. They can be useful whether you're traveling to a Niagara Falls for a wedding or to Australia for a couple of weeks.

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