If you and your study group has been having a hard time choosing a location where you can all get together and study that doesn't involve hanging out in the basement of your noisy house then you haven't been looking hard enough. There are plenty of quiet locations you have to choose from, you just have to go out and look for them.

The most obvious choice is the library. Be it the public library near your home or your school's library. While you might think everybody goes to study at the library, and you're most likely right, making it tough to find a spot, most libraries offer private quiet rooms people can book in advance. Library meetings rooms are meant for those who know they're going to need a large room to either hold a meeting or presentation in but are also commonly booked by students looking for a place to study.

If you already spend too much time at your library when you're not hanging out at home or your favorite beach then you can take your study group meeting to a coffee shop. Not all coffee shops are big enough to hold study groups, but just like libraries, some also offer quiet conference rooms people can book ahead to be used for study group purposes and just like at libraries they're free at coffee shops too! Plus, you get the added benefit of eating snacks and drinking coffee while studying! Not a bad way to spend an afternoon hitting the books, if you ask us.

If the library isn't your thing and you don't like drinking coffee another option we have is to hold your study group outside. Think about it for a second; no cramped rooms, your tailbone won't hurt from sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day, you can talk as loudly as you want, and you get to be outside in some beautiful weather! Make it a potluck study group and turn your studying into a picnic/study group combo!

If you live in a condo you might have access to a conference room in your condo as part of the condo fees you pay for the upkeep of the amenities you use. If there is such a room in your condo you can book it to host your study group. Most condo conference rooms are large enough to host big groups of people so you don't have to worry about how fitting everybody in and you don't have to walk too far to get there.

Wherever you do decide to host your study group you now have a few more options to consider. Here are some study & test taking tips.

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