One of the best things about owning an ebook reader is that no one can see what you're reading when you're out in public. This isn't so important when you're reading the biography of a famous person, but if you're waiting to go in for a job interview you don't want to be caught reading a lurid romance with steamy half-naked cover art. Even if you don't care who sees you reading your romances, you can still carry a lot more of them around (romances tend to be quite short) with an e book reader.

There are many different types of romance novels, and you can find almost all of them represented among the ranks of e books. The most common kind of romance novels are the Harlequin style books, which tend to be quite short and similar in terms of plot diagram. Harper Collins is also a major publisher of romances. The novels tend to be grouped into different series based on interest groups, so which ones interest you might depend on whether you desire instructions on making your own double braided rope, a florist shop in Toronto or an NGO in Africa.

Some of the different categories romance novels might fall into include historical fiction, ethnic, paranormal, inspirational, suspense, gay and lesbian, and erotica. A historical novel features heroes and heroines from the past, such as in the early days of Victorian England. Ethnic romances feature main characters belonging to a minority, such as African American or Asian. Paranormal romances involve the supernatural, such as a love story between a human and a werewolf, or a mystery involving ghosts. Inspirational tales are usually uplifting and may or may not be feature religious characters. Romantic suspense features a mystery or action plot concurrent to the romance. Gay and lesbian romances feature same sex pairings, and erotica features more graphic descriptions of sex acts.

Since romance novels are so popular, you can buy them anywhere ebooks are sold. The Sony, Kindle, and Chapters Indigo stores have titles ranging in price from a few cents to about ten dollars. There are also dedicated romance e-book stores where you can get recommendations and reviews, and you can buy romances directly from small-press publishers that might appeal to a specific niche, like real estate agents. There's also a wide selection available free from public libraries and Google Books.

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