The most popular method of finding information nowadays is using the internet to search and that's true whether it's for your own curiosity or for a research paper you have to write. Online search engine websites have become the go to destination whenever somebody needs to research an important topic. Interested in finding out how much broccoli is currently selling for? Type your question into the search box in Google.

You'll get an answer within seconds. So many search results will pop up that you won't have any idea where to start. The one great thing about searching for information online is how many results you get. You wouldn't be able to walk into a library near your property and get that many answers to your question. In that regard internet searches have replaced libraries as our go to research information center.

However, not everybody is so keen to look up information online. Some people prefer the old school method of going to the library and researching topics through books because they don't trust online searches. Not all the information that comes back to you through an online search is trustworthy. There are a lot of sites out there that pretend to be experts in their field but actually know nothing about the topic they're writing about.

If you were to reference something in a research paper based on faulty internet information your professor wouldn't be too keen on letting it slide. They would tell you to double check all source materials and blame you for using something you found online. That's why some people still go to libraries.

Books found in libraries are from reputable publishing houses and have fact checkers on staff to make sure every sentence in the books they publish are factually correct. You don't have to worry about referencing incorrect information you find from a book at the library. Not to mention that libraries also have vast amounts of books you can leaf through to help you research your topic.

If you haven't been to a library in a long time because you've gotten so used to the simplicity of searching online through Google then you might want to make your way down to a library and see what they've got. You'll probably find a lot of books on the topic you're supposed to be writing about and you might even enjoy having a book in your hands again. You won't know until you actually leave the comfort of your home and walk into a library.

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