When you're trying to get your own business up off the ground, you're likely to need to go advice and resources if you don't know what you're doing. If you took a business related topic in college you'll be fine, but if you didn't, you don't need to go out and enroll. All you need to do is read a few books on the topic. With your new e-book reader, this should be a snap. Here are some of the books related to getting a business loan that you might want to read and where to find them.

At the Library

Every library has a slightly different collection, so you'll have to search yours to find out what's available. However, most libraries in Canada have jumped on the e-book reader bandwagon and are now offering titles on everything from fiction to commercial fishing. The best part about it: renting e-books from the library is free. And you can't get late fees because the books automatically expire. Visit your local library's website to see what they have. This only works if you have non-proprietary reader.

On Google Books

If you're not willing to pay for a book when you've got so many other business expenses to pay for and your library doesn't have anything useful, your next stop should be Google Books. They've scanned in millions of texts and made them available for free. Some of the books you may find helpful there include The SBA Loan Book: How to Get a Small Business Loan Even With Poor Credit by Charles H. Green, Getting a Business Loan: Your Step By Step Guide by Orlando J. Antonini, and Romancing the Business Loan by Gary Goldstick.

For Your Kindle

If you have a proprietary reader like the Kindle, you will only be able to shop at a single bookstore. For Kindle, it's Amazon. Lucky for you, there are plenty of e-books available on Amazon. How to Get a Small Business Loan by Joseph R. Mancuso could be helpful, as could How to Get Private Business Loans, Finding Lenders, What to Say and Sample Loan Agreements by Lawrence Harte. They're relevant whether you're opening a business or doing something else.

For Other E-Readers

If your reader is not proprietary, you can buy books from anywhere, including Chapters Indigo, E-Book.com, the Sony Store, and even sites that offer e-books for free. There are many titles in these stores that can help you start a home based business, so give them a browse and see what you can find.

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