Many people think of ebook readers as just a newfangled way to read your fiction on the bus, but actually many types of books - including instructional books, come in ebook format. So if you're looking to expand your skill set, learn how to install appliances or update your computer skills, you can now download your how to books onto your e book reader. The Dummies series is one of the world's most popular series of instructional books. Read on to find out more about the Dummies series and where you can get the books.

The Dummies series is published by John Wiley and Sons and since its inception in 1991 has sold over 200 million copies. The Dummies series is characterized by their bright yellow and black covers and their 'for beginners' approach to the topics at hand. Each Dummies book is written by an expert or team of experts in the field, so the series has multiple authors.

One of the reasons the Dummies series has become so popular is that the titles mix photographs and text to make the simplest possible set of step-by-step instructions. The series began with DOS for Dummies by Dan Gookin and has since expanded to include topics like building chicken coops, metal benders, hypnotizing yourself, understanding Greek philosophy, making wine at home, flipping real estate, working out, using various types of computer programs, and more. Though the primary language of the series is English, titles are available in more than 30 other languages.

Dummies series books for your e reader depends on what type of e reader you have. If you have a Kindle, you have to purchase your Dummies books from, because the device will only accept that company's e book files. Similarly, the Nook only works with Barnes and Noble books. However if you have a Kobo, a Sony Reader, an Aluratek Libre, or you have ordered a foreign reader like the BeBook, you can get 'Choosing an Ebook for Dummies' anywhere. Some likely places to check are the Sony Store,,, and your public library.

In print form, the books in the Dummies series usually run about $25. However, in ebook version they are significantly cheaper, running from about $5 to about $15 depending on how new the book is and whether it has any special add ons. The only drawback to the Dummies series in e book form is that if the print version of your window weights book comes with a CD-ROM, you won't get that with your download.

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