Now that you've got a state of the art e-book reader, it's much easier for you to read hefty nonfiction tomes on the bus or train on your way to work. Reading books on important business topics like finance, accounting, and financial management can help you get a promotion at your company and help you better manage your own finances. If you're looking for some finance related e-books to read, here are a few that are easy to find online.

Google Books is an extensive online library of scanned and uploaded tomes that is free for all users. There are numerous titles in the Google library that cover the topic of financial management, some from the perspective of someone who's trying to free up some money and others from the perspective of professionals. If you're interested in how the financial crisis is being handled you might want to read the US Government's report: Financial Management - Long Standing Financial Systems Weaknesses Present a Formidable Challenge. Otherwise you might start with Financial Management by Jae K. Shim, or Financial Management: Theory and Practice by Eugene F. Brigham and Michael C. Ehrhardt.

Many websites are advertising several tomes related to money management that are free to download. With titles like Guide to Financial Management and Fundamentals of Financial Management, these could be good books for you to start with. Since they're free, they'll give you a start and allow you to learn about topics like wise investments and forensic accounting that you may want to follow up on with an actual e-book purchase, which is probably what the company is hoping you will do.

Another source of free books on financial management is your local library. Most Canadian and American libraries have e-books available for borrowing just like regular books, but with the difference that a person can download them from his home computer. You'll have to check your library's catalog to find out what they have available, as you can't borrow outside your jurisdiction. If you want to utilize any of these free methods, you'll have to have a non-proprietary e-reader like the Sony E-Reader or the Nook.

If you're shopping on your Kobo at the Indigo store, they have a number of relevant titles ranging from $9 to $65. Popular titles include Effective Financial Management by Brian Finch and Cash Flow Strategies: Innovation in NonProfit Financial Management by Richard S. Linzer. On the Kindle Store prices are about the same, and you can even get a copy of the Small Business Financial Management Kit for Dummies by John A. Tracy and Tage C. Tracy.

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