Or society has been becoming increasingly technologically advanced in the past thirty years or so, especially in terms of our reliance on computers. Computers have changed the way we watch movies, communicate with one another, and even search for homes or job listings. It was only a matter of time before computers changed a method of entertainment and education that has remained largely the same for centuries: reading. But change it they have, and we avid readers now have a new option when we're looking for something to read: e-books. At E-Books for Newbies, we'll give you the basics on this new form of reading.

What is an e-book? E-book is short for electronic book. It's a book that actually involves no ink or paper and cannot be found in your local book store. Instead, e-books are sold over the internet and read on computer screens. The same principle that automates the furnace Burlington units goes into making paperless books. For readers who are unfamiliar with computers and how they work, e-books can be quite baffling, but not to worry. We can teach you what you need to know.

E-books have many benefits. To a person who buys organic products, paperless books are a way to preserve the environment by reducing the number of trees that must be cut down for paper. But e-books have detractors as well. Some people question how e-books can ever replace paper books when they cannot be read at the beach or passed on to a friend. We'll outline the benefits and drawbacks of e-books so you can decide if it's something you want to try out.

General consensus from readers is that they want their e-books and magazines to be as like their paper books as possible (minus the ads, of course), so recent developments in reading platforms mean that you don't have to read them on your computer screen. You can read them on an tablet, on an iPod, on your cellular phone, and even on a specially designed piece of technology known as an e-reader. We can tell you all about these different platforms and which would be best for you.

In terms of subject, e-books are just like regular books. They can entertain you with mysterious tales or educate you on the history of certain subjects. And we at E-Books for Newbies can do the same thing for you on the subject of e-books. Wondering where to buy them? Interesting in cost comparisons? Trying to find a reader that's right for you? Wondering what comes next? We cover all these topics and more. Just use the navigation bar at the top to get started, and happy reading!

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